At RSP Sports Physiotherapy, we recognize the importance of having comprehensive insurance coverage to protect athletes from the financial burden of sports-related injuries.

With our Sports Injury Insurance, athletes can have peace of mind knowing that they have access to high-quality, specialised care without the worry of financial strain. We work closely with athletes and sports organisations to ensure that they have the necessary coverage to safeguard their health and well-being.

Sports Injury Insurance Provider

Various sports have different insurance cover for all their registered players. As a registered player within your sporting organisation, you have access to the club’s insurance policy which includes payment for your physiotherapy treatment & rehabilitation at REHAB. STRENGTH. PERFORMANCE. The process is simple and cost effective with most claims rebating the athlete up to 90% of all non-medicare expenses (e.g. MRI, physiotherapy). If you also have private health insurance, you are required to use this throughout the process also, but this further reduces your out-of-pocket expenses for your rehabilitation journey.

To discuss how you take advantage of your sports insurance, contact us today or we can discuss this with you throughout your initial assessment. Often there are forms to fill out on our behalf to begin the process. This is all included in our service and will be covered under your registered sports insurance.

Let us take care of all your physiotherapy and rehabilitative needs.

So that you can focus on what matters most. Getting back to the game you love!
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