Shoulder Reconstructions
& Surgeries

Shoulder Reconstructions & Surgeries

Shoulder instability can be defined in several ways and can range from relatively minor functional limitations to complete dislocation. The general term shoulder instability encompasses a broad spectrum of injuries from instability episodes, pain with active shoulder movement to an acute traumatic event (e.g shoulder popping due to contact in rugby).

Our shoulder rehabilitation programs are based on the most current literature and expert recommendations from around the globe, and will provide guidance as to the best direction for treatment and rehabilitation in your individual case. We work collaboratively with your sports physician, orthopaedic surgeon, parents, coaches, and strength and conditioning staff, throughout the rehabilitation process to achieve the best holistic recovery.

Each case is different, however primary (first-time) dislocations can be managed successfully with high level rehabilitation from our physiotherapy team. In some cases, your surgeon may discuss with you that the best way forward is surgery. We’re also here to help you through that journey too. Our programs will assist you to return to sport with full confidence in 6-12 months depending on the type of surgery chosen by your surgeon (e.g. anterior stabilisation, laterjet). No stone is left unturned to regain full strength, mobility and plyometric capacity. These foundations will help you progress through our specific return to sport and contact phases to successfully return to the sport or activity you love.

You can trust us with all your sports and exercise rehabilitation needs because our staff are highly trained physiotherapists, working exclusively with manual therapy, evidence-based rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, recovery and nutrition. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible care and tailored treatment plans to ensure we get you back performing at your best. If you're looking for a Brisbane physiotherapy clinic with state-of-the-art technology and rehabilitation facilities, look no further than REHAB. STRENGTH. PERFORMANCE.

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