Knee (ACL) Reconstructions
& Surgeries

Knee (ACL) Reconstructions & Surgeries

ACL Reconstructions are still increasing and are regularly performed to restore the internal structural stability of the knee following an ACL rupture. There is growing evidence that some injuries will be able to be managed nonoperatively, however this should be discussed with our physiotherapists and your chosen specialist. We work collaboratively with your sports physician, orthopaedic surgeon, parents, coaches, and strength and conditioning staff, throughout the rehabilitation process to achieve the best holistic recovery.

Throughout the rehabilitation process, strength decreases because of changes in proprioception, muscle size, motor control, neuromuscular inhibition, and muscle activation. Strength is generally not restored until 6–12 months following surgery, and can be present up to 12 months after ACLR if not appropriately programmed. We're here to help you on this journey and support you through our entire 12-month ACL protocol culminating in return to sport and performance. Some will find a 9-month recovery achievable, however it is equally common to take a longer period of time, up to 12-15 months.

Our ACL rehabilitation programs are based on the most current literature and expert recommendations from around the globe, and will provide guidance as to the best direction for treatment and rehabilitation in your individual case. Our physiotherapists have worked within professional organisations to ensure we can get the best results for you. We take programming and rehabilitation seriously and they’re all carefully constructed to your individual needs! As a result, each patient gets a fully personalised program that they can perform with us in our facility. This program is a culmination of our physiotherapy and strength and conditioning staff. As this process can be quite a long-term injury, we will continually adapt your program each week if necessary to ensure you're improving at your best capacity. During this period, we not only focus on the local injured area but also on the surrounding tissues to guide our performance programming to better you as an athlete.

With our exclusive rehabilitation gym and the option to join our Elite REHAB. program, we are best placed to take your knee rehabilitation from pre-surgery, post-surgery to return to sport.

You can trust us with all your sports and exercise rehabilitation needs because our staff are highly trained physiotherapists, working exclusively with manual therapy, evidence-based rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, recovery and nutrition. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible care and tailored treatment plans to ensure we get you back performing at your best. If you're looking for a Brisbane physiotherapy clinic with state-of-the-art technology and rehabilitation facilities, look no further than REHAB. STRENGTH. PERFORMANCE.

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