Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

We understand that sports injuries can be an unfortunate setback. Rehabilitation can be a difficult process that often comes with many different challenges, both physical and mental. Here at RSP, we like to take advantage of these short or long injury lay-offs to not only rehabilitate the injured area but ensure we get to the bottom of WHY! We have a large battery of athletic tests to assess the surrounding areas to assist in developing these key areas to reduce further risk of injury. We strive to not only return you to your pre-injury levels, but to BEAT your pre-injury levels and return a stronger, faster and robust person and athlete.

We have developed multiple protocols for sporting injuries in which we work closely with to get you back better & faster, such as:

  • Ankle Sprains (Lateral (ATFL) & medial (deltoid) ligament, High ankle (syndesmosis) sprains)
  • Muscles strains/tears - hamstrings, calf and quadriceps
  • Lumbar stress injuries - pars-fractures
  • Shoulder injuries - traumatic & overuse

If you’re here for our ACL and Shoulder reconstructions protocols - make sure you check out those pages that are exclusive to each different rehabilitation protocol.

You can trust us with all your sports and exercise rehabilitation needs because our staff are highly trained physiotherapists, working exclusively with manual therapy, evidence-based rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, recovery and nutrition. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible care and tailored treatment plans to ensure we get you back performing at your best. If you're looking for a Brisbane physiotherapy clinic with state-of-the-art technology and rehabilitation facilities, look no further than REHAB. STRENGTH. PERFORMANCE.

Let us take care of all your physiotherapy and rehabilitative needs.

So that you can focus on what matters most. Getting back to the game you love!
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